The Sacred Acorn Press Kit

About The Game

The Sacred Acorn is a deceptively cute top-down 2D metroidvania inspired action adventure with stunning hand drawn art. Playing as an adorable squirrel gifted with ancient powers you’ll explore a vast, enchanted land, fight fearsome enemies, battle powerful bosses, meet strange and cute new friends, and discover long hidden secrets to save your tribe.

A mysterious force has begun creeping into the once peaceful land of Tansira, infecting and corrupting everything it touches. It’s spreading fast, from the lush Emerald Thicket all the way to the Roaring Tundra. Nothing is safe from its corruption; the landscape is withering, friends are turning on each other, and once beautiful havens are becoming desiccated wastelands.

But hope is not lost. You are Ima - a courageous squirrel gifted with ancient powers that you must harness to defeat the corruption plaguing the land. This beautiful top down adventure will take you on a journey across an enchanted world. Explore ancient forests, mysterious caves, frigid tundras, murky swamps, and deadly volcanoes. Combat fearsome monsters, befriend curious creatures, unlock new powers, and discover long lost ancient secrets.


The Sacred Acorn


A Few Dragons


Action, Adventure



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About Our Team

A Few Dragons is a small indie studio based out of Adelaide, South Australia. We started out as three friends with a passion for games and began entering game jams together for fun. Very quickly we discovered we didn’t just like making games, we loved it. From there we went from being a few friends to A Few Dragons, and have been making fun, interactive stuff that everyone can enjoy ever since.

We’re slowly growing, and are committed to making games that create joyful and enriching experiences, and building game dev tools that make developing a game easier. We believe making games should be fun and safe, that great games can be made without crunch, that we should invest in developing our people as much as we invest in making our games, and that we can and should be inclusive of everyone.



Key Art




Ima the Squirrel

About Us

Founded by Keirron (Hookkshot) Stach, Caitlyn (Chippy) Smith and Christopher (Pandakaebi) Done, A Few Dragons is a small indie studio with dreams to make games we would enjoy playing our selves.

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